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Our new site is over at Geekcamp.SG





>>Click here for the latest schedule<<



1st Oct 2011

Mobile schedule available at http://geekcamp.squarecrumbs.com Should work offline.


30th Sept 2011

We have added lightning talk sessions in the morning.

We have nailed down an after-party for Geekcamp at Nueva Cuba, 70 Collyer Quay, Customs House which is right beside Microsoft! FREE BEER AND FOOD!!!


22nd Sept 2011

Hi all,

Those stalking this site might have realized some talks disappearing over the past few days. This is due to the speakers having commitments that came up at the last minute and hence have to cancel their talks.

I hope for your understanding and sincerely apologize for the disappointment some of you might have encountered as a result of the cancelled talks.

Nevertheless, we will do our best to make this an unforgettable Geekcamp, and we welcome any feedback/suggestions.

Cya @ Geekcamp =D



16th Sept 2011

Hi all,

due to the quantity of spam accounts, and that some legit accounts have been hacked to post spam on this page, we have done a reset of all the accounts. If you want to have edit access to this page, please request for it again, and choose a stronger password. Thanks =D

In addition to the note, if any of you just want to add your topic, you can also just drop me(Laurence) an email (laurenceputra at gmail) and I'll be more than happy to put it up for you.

Cya at Geekcamp =D



GeekCamp Singapore

1st October, 2011 at Microsoft


Venue: Microsoft

Time: 10:00am - 5:00pm

How to get there: Exit Raffles Place MRT station on the North-South/East-West Line

What to bring: Laptops, 3G dongles, power extensions

What is GeekCamp?

Conference for the geeks. Technical topics only please.



- hardware

- architecture

- methodology


Follow @geekcamp on twitter!

#geekcamp on twitter

#geekcamp on IRC (freenode)

Friendfeed room

Ustream videos: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/geekcampsg


Register here: http://www.flickevents.com/geekcamp-2011#details



E27 - Geeks unite at Geekcamp!

Penn Olson - #GeekCamp Is Around The Corner, No Marketers Allowed




Who's Talking?

Here are the proposed topics. Please email Laurence (laurenceputra at gmail) if you are interested. Do include a detailed synopsis, your twitter handle, and any relevant links. 



Time Topic
Speaker Says

Developing for the Kinect 

Mingfei Yan (@mingfeiy)

The Microsoft Kinect holds the Guiness World Record as the fastest-selling consumer electronics device ever, selling 8 million units in the first 2 months. With the recent release of the official SDK, you are the controller, with the ability to change the face of future applications. Learn how to take advantage of depth sensing, skeletal tracking and sound source localization in a sub $200 device in your next project. In this session, I will talk about how to start developing for Kinect, demonstrate several interesting project, including connecting Kinect with Wp7 using NodeJS and Sockets.


*This talk has been confirmed

Think About Android Security



 Discuss security issues on Android Platform * HTTP monitoring * Reversing engineering

  Building your own Hackintosh Desktop

Justin Lee


Sharing some resources and experiences of how to build and install your own Hackintosh Desktop.

  Evolution of Computer Languages with an illustration of SCSS/SASS & Compass built upon CSS



What would a typical programming language look like a 100 years from now? How did previous programming languages evolve and what features they retained and discarded? Using SCSS/SASS as an illustration, we will take a peak at some of the features that are being retained for frameworks that are currently being built on existing languages.

  Confessions of a Framework Developer

Arul Kumaran


Creating a wonderful framework is just not enough to get wide adaption. Experiments and explorations of a developer who is desperate to see the light.

  Functional Programming 101  Shaun Martin 

For complete beginners. Introduces the key concepts of functional programming. Demonstrates how functional code can be clear, concise and powerful. Discusses which problems lend themselves to a functional approach. One example: Google's MapReduce framework. 

  Hypershell: HTTP Shell for the Web

Soares Chen


Talk about a new approach on web development that I'm developing that combines the concept of shell scripts with RESTful webservices. 

  Windows 7 enhanced for web development Jiang Fung

This is not a Windows platform vs Linux platform debate, nor is it a promotion of MS$ Windows. This is to share some tips with Windows users who intends to do some serious web development work but are unwilling or inconvenient to switch to other platforms, on how to enhance their Windows with various (mostly open-source) tools to make their work more productive, to get their things done quick. Linux / Mac users are welcome to listen too, they will be shown an alternative to their familiar development environment, an equally good editor to their famous vim/emacs. It's a good practise to reduce fanboyism, to learn what's best in other world to compensate what's lacking in Linux / Mac world, so that we will improve ourselves.

  3rd-party libraries to enhance your WP7 applications

Chris Ismael 


So you’re busy, and you have no time to code or learn a new mobile development platform. Fortunately other developers have done the bulk of work for you, and Microsoft’s WP7 development platform kicks-a$#. This session will show you how you can leverage 3rd party libraries to code faster and smarter on the Windows Phone development platform

  Hacking radio control cars into a cloud product Thomas Tan

Hacking an RC car with simple electronics to connect it to the PC, mobile devices, tablets, Facebook, the Web and spycars.me

  Parallel processing with python Kim Yong

Mutli-processing api, hardware accelerated computing GPGPU/OpenCL

  3D WebGL & WebCL Kim Yong

3D rendering with WebGL and Hardware accelerated computingwith WebCL. High level API includes processing.js and three.js

  Drupal case study: building a strong community around your software project Sven Berg Ryen

Would you like to build a community of raving fans around your product or technology? A community that not only uses your product but takes part in the development? Drupal has one of the largest contributor base. The strength of the community is often what attracts people to Drupal. In-depth analysis of why is it so successful, and what strategies can you use to build and nurture a strong community. Lessons learnt through  dialogues with core Drupal community personalities and from running local meetups in Singapore.

  Emacs vs Vim Wong Liang Zan(@liangzan)

We take a look at how emacs and vim tackle the same problem: how to edit text. Why did they become the way they were? Why did they endure until today? What design decisions can we learn from them? And what the future holds.

  3D Photocopying Roland Turner (@rolandturner)

Progress towards being able to scan a person (you! dear audience member) and print a 3D likeness as a bust or as a toy soldier. With luck, will include a live demo.

(Apologies, I've not been able to make the time to do this justice. Next time...)

  Easiest way to prototype web apps. (AngularJS + NodeJS)

Tamas Herman @onetom

Are you a non-technical startup founder?  Are you a Rails / Django / CakePHP programmer?

How about making a *responsive* web app starting from a *client side only* prototype with embedded "database" and no backend, then later put a RESTful JSON API behind it to make it ready for production?

  Introduction to CUDA

Raymond Tay


Introduction to the idea of manycore parallelism through CUDA - which is Nvidia's proprietary programming model on their Nvidia GPUs.

  Build your first iPhone Game!      Includes LUA for Android with Corona SDK
Subh & Ghee Keong

Introduction to Game Engines, Game development process, Demo (Build a game in 10 mins) Physics engine, simple User Interface, Event listeners and how your idea can become a program.(Afternoon talk)

  Zhng Your Vim!

Calvin Cheng


A tutorial 101 for vim + tips and tricks on adding vim plugins and coding efficiently with vim.

  Sphinx Search Engine 101 Jose Nidhin

Sphinx is a search engine capable for full text indexing and searching documents (SQL DB, plain text ,html etc) at high speed.

  Python Web App

Daniel Dao


Easiest and powerful way to develop web application with Python

  Agile Values in Software Architecture

Ben Scherrey


What is Architecture and how much is enough/too much?

Discuss software architecture paradigms for the industry, what and Agile architecture should do and why it's critical. Follow up by showing the evolution from "structured systems" to "object systems", why it was good, what got lost and how a new paradigm, Domain Context Interaction, is the next step in software architecture that addresses these issues. WARNING: 1.5hr topic - requires 2 sessions back to back.

  TDD/BDD on iOS Peter Kim

Do you love test-driving your Ruby applications with Rspec? Wanna do the same with your iOS projects? Learn how to do full-stack TDD/BDD for your iOS applications with Cedar, Expecta and Jasmine.

  Groping Evernote on OS X Wong Meng Weng @mengwong

While defending a lawsuit earlier this year, Meng composed data visualizations of the arguments in the case, using Evernote along the way to manage over 2000 pieces of evidence using tags and ISO8601 dating. He integrated multiple applications, from Mindnode to BeeDocs Timeline 3D to a custom-made SVG layout engine for graphics hand-finished in Illustrator, and took advantage of access to Quick Look thumbnails at the OS level. Meng will display some of the visualizations, discuss a lawsuit as an information-theoretic problem, and share the results of his research into Evernote's internals. The Evernote API offers client-server access to the Evernote cloud, which is slow and far away from Singapore. It is better to work with the cache on your local hard drive, but there is no officially supported API for doing so. There are two solutions, and Meng will talk about both: parsing the XML export was quick and simple but slow. Next, he probed Evernote's local, undocumented SQLite3 DB, reverse-engineered the schema, built a simple Perl API using DBIx::Class, and gained direct access to the document repository under ~/Library/Application Support/Evernote/data/.

  Hacking HDCP

The talk will be about building the chumby NeTV video overlay solution. It will discuss the design thought process, manufacturing and the unique technology that enables the device to modify encrypted video feeds in a DMCA-safe fashion.

Might include a demo if resources permit.(afternoon talk)

  Rails can't scale my ass

Andras Kristof


Development practices and resources needed to develop a rails app that can scale well beyond 10 Million pageviews per day. 
1. site architecture
2. feature development (branches vs feature toggles)
3. deployment strategy (zero-downtime deployments)
4. hosting
  Responsive Design

Andy Croll


Why aren't you doing it? Go crazy with HTML5 semantics.

  PM Dawn: Set adrift on management bliss

Andy Croll


A showdown on Trello vs Pivotal Tracker vs Github Issues *bangbang*

  How to suck less

Kai Hendry


Introducing what it means to make your software suck less and instil quality into your geekery

  DVCS: does distributed-ness imply security? Ray Chuan

http://kernel.org/ was recently compromised (and remains down); while some jumped at the chance to trash Linux' security "feature", kernel developers were more concerned with the integrity of the Git repository holding the Linux kernel source - after all, it is the Git repo on k.org that Torvalds pushes to.  Given that collisions on SHA-1 (the hash algorithm used in Git and Mercurial) are actively researched, is it sufficient to rely on cryptographic hashes to guarantee that histories have not been tampered with? Or do we need to pick up the slack of our DVCS?  The talk will also mention recent Git developments in response to k.org's compromise. Warning: strong (almost exclusive) focus on Git, but it should be applicable to <insert your BFF DVCS>.

Hit the +1 button if you would like to listen to this topic, you need a Google account to be able to vote.


Who's Going?

Please RSVP at http://www.flickevents.com/geekcamp-2011. First 80 registered attendees to arrive receives a free limited edition Geekcamp 2011 tshirt!




Jason Ong (@jasonong)

Sneha Menon (@snehamenon)

Ruiwen Chua (@ruiwen)

Luther Goh Lu Feng (@elfgoh)

Justin Lee (@triplez82)

Laurence Putra (@laurenceputra)

Shanmugam M.PL (@shannietron)


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